Generosity helps repair lives.

Why donate?

In Quebec, more than 2 million individuals—from children to seniors of any gender—have been victims of sexual abuse.

Donating to victims of sexual abuse is not just an act of compassion; it’s a crucial step in supporting them and fighting the impunity and stigma that often accompanies these crimes. Helping people to rebuild their lives also means helping their children, their parents, their loved ones… and society as a whole.

Support and healing
Victims of sexual abuse endure profound trauma that undermines their emotional, mental, and physical well-being. By donating, you’re offering tangible support to help them rebuild, heal, and overcome the devastating effects of their trauma.
Access to specialized services
We’ve developed unrivalled expertise in treating and supporting victims and their families. By donating, you’re helping all these people to benefit from the latest—and often hard to obtain—treatments for sexual abuse.
Justice and accountability
During their psychotherapeutic journey, victims feel supported and are more likely to consider taking legal action. By donating, you support efforts to bring perpetrators to justice and hold them accountable for their actions.
Breaking silence and stigma
By donating, you’re expressing your solidarity with those affected and helping to break the silence that often surrounds these crimes.
Restoring hope
Psychotherapy enables victims to rebuild their self-esteem, restore confidence, and regain control over their lives. By donating, you’re helping them to progress on their journey towards healing and resilience.

Your donation to La Traversée is an investment in individual healing, social justice, and active prevention.

All our services are free. Thanks to people like you.

The generosity of our donors enables us to support victims of sexual abuse. Your contribution is essential for the success and continuation of our mission.