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40 ans de soutien aux personnes victimes de violence sexuelle


40 years supporting victims of sexual violence (french only)


Launch of CIViS – Press release from the ministère de la Justice du Québec


LAPVIC Activity Report – Government of Quebec


Laurent Report – Brief presented to the Commission spéciale sur les droits des enfants et la protection de la jeunesse.


UNESCO’s Prévention de la violence et philosophie pour enfants Program—Press release.


Launch of a collection of works from the Prévention de la violence et philosophie pour enfants Program.


Sexual violence remains a significant public health issue both in Quebec and globally. Over the past decade, Quebec has seen a notable rise in reported sexual offences. Despite these changes, one fact remains constant: the majority of cases reported to the ministère de la Sécurité publique involve children and individuals identifying as women.

For further details on sexual abuse:

What is sexual abuse?

The Quebec government’s 2001 Orientations gouvernementales defines sexual abuse as “an act of a sexual nature, either with or without physical contact, committed without the consent of the individual or, in certain cases especially involving children, through emotional manipulation or blackmail.

It is an act intended to subjugate another person to one’s desires through an abuse of power, the use of force or coercion, or under implicit or explicit threat. Sexual assault violates a person’s fundamental rights, in particular, their physical and psychological integrity and their security.

This definition applies regardless of the age, gender, culture, religion, or sexual orientation of the victim or the sexual assailant, regardless of the type of sexual act committed, the place or environment in which it was committed, and the relationship between the victim and the sexual assailant.”

You may also refer to the following resources:

Canadian Criminal Code
The concept of sexual assault is divided into three degrees of severity, as are all sexual offences.
Youth Protection Act
Definition of sexual abuse of children under 18.
Act Respecting Labour Standards
Psychological harassment, including vexatious behaviour with sexual connotations.
Professional Code
Sexual misconduct by a professional towards a colleague, client or patient.
The issue of sexual violence is complex and must be tackled from multiple angles. To find out more, consult the media kit on sexual assault from the Institut national de santé publique du Québe.