The lives we change

Beyond sexual abuse, many victims have endured multiple traumas, including physical and psychological abuse, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation.

Our support extends to victims of all ages and genders, who often struggle with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and attachment disorders.

Here are the stories of three children who broke the silence.

Here are the stories of three children who broke the silence.

Jacob was sexually abused by his father.

His mother knew, but turned a blind eye. This betrayal left many scars on the child’s heart.

Now living with a foster family, Jacob has shown a great deal of adaptation and courage. Depression and anxiety were his daily routine for several months.

Although he was relieved that the abuse had stopped, he also felt responsible for the break-up of his family and his father’s imprisonment.

Little by little, Jacob weathered the storm and regained control of his life.

He has come a long way since the start of his journey.

Today, Jacob no longer holds dark thoughts and is gradually learning to let go of his guilt and embrace his life as a child.

Chloé was just starting her first year when she was abused by two nine-year-old boys in the school playground.

Physically injured and threatened with a knife if she spoke out, the girl was terrified for months after the event.

Nightmares, crying spells, inability to undress at bath time, fear of the school playground, and the trauma of distraught parents have all been the subject of delicate therapy.

With the school system unsure of how to support Chloé, the child had to change environment to regain a sense of security.

After eight months of treatment, Chloé has calmed down and has less frequent memories of the ‘bad boys’.

Léna was met after a medical check-up revealed a sexually transmitted infection from which her grandfather, who regularly looked after her, was also suffering.

As he had always denied incest, the little girl was afraid of identifying him as the aggressor. Protected by her mother, she was able to find a place to talk in therapy.

Léna first expressed her fear through revealing playtime sessions featuring princesses subjected to frightful beasts or dinosaurs devouring small dolls’ underwear.

One thing led to another, and after a year of support, Léna began to talk more openly about the multiple abuses she had suffered.

Her grandfather will soon be arrested.